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If you ask me, Mijenta is our people, our land, our inspiration.

It is as much driven by the past and by our traditions, as it is by innovation and our vision for the future.

It starts with the agavero that takes care of its land and of the soil, the species of birds, butterflies and larger animals that live in this ecosystem; the jimador who harvests the plants, whose movements caress and cut the leaves with great dexterity, lessons handed down from generation to generation, centuries of local wisdom. The rajadores who cut the heart of the agave in half, horneros, millers, fermenters and distillers, each one of them contribute to the distinct character of Mijenta.

When I started to create my vision for Mijenta, I was thinking about how to translate the image of terroir and to encapsulate the sensation of touching the reddish colored soil, so typical of the highlands with its subtle tones of terracotta. It’s this terroir that allows the agave to develop its best characteristics. I also set out to express the variety of aromas that the beautiful ripe and silky agaves, hand selected from the best plots, bring forth in the slow, rich fermentation and precise distillation methods. Few people know that there are over 600 different flavor components in tequila!

Mijenta stands out through its unique sensorial palette. The tones of cooked agave are intense. The vanilla and caramel are a result of slow cooking the agave for more than twelve hours in an autoclave, achieving a slight caramelization. Art and science play an important role in the distillation process, in which all parameters are carefully calibrated. Precise cuts in heads and tails; controlled temperatures in evaporation and condensation processes, all these contribute to the aromatic palette of Mijenta.

I therefore often describe Mijenta as a culinary tequila, precisely because of its aromatic and fruity profile that pairs so well with food. Whether the occasion is sipping or mixing, enjoying a meal with family or connecting with friends, Mijenta is meant to unite all kind of people under the same flavor.

Salud! Por la tierra, por la gente, y por la vida!