Journal: Mijenta is built on the desire to maintain nature

If you ask me, Mijenta is built on the desire to maintain nature and all the wonders it has to offer.

ELISE SOM: As a trained interior architect, as a designer and as a mother with a lifelong passion for sustainability, I have always believed that Mother Nature is the best designer and encourages us to follow her regenerative power.

For me this became so evident, so tangible, when I became a mother myself. When I held my little daughter in my arms for the first time, I just felt intuitively that I needed to become a better version of myself and do everything that I could to step it up as a role model and a caretaker. Not just for her, but for our land and our resources, because those will be hers to inherit. According to a Native American proverb, we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children. This message that we need to take action if we want to pass on a world with a healthy environment runs throughout Mijenta.

That is why sustainability is at the heart of Mijenta’s process, including its design and packaging. I am proud to write that Mijenta’s paper components are made from agave waste. The agave waste is dried and then mixed with reclaimed burlap coffee bags. This process gives a sheet of smooth colors and diverts used packaging from landfills. The agave paper itself is very thin and breaks easily, while the burlap fiber gives the strength to the labels. It’s a great example of where one fiber helps the other one to be strong in order to hold everything together.

For me, this is representative of Mijenta’s ethos, where we believe in the power of the collective, and applying a multidisciplinary approach where nature, science, technology and economics meet. Day to day, I love experimenting with new materials, and working with local businesses to implement sustainable practices and finding new ways of doing things that can be carried out at all stages of the life cycle.

You will often hear me say that true luxury is to design with a responsible heart. I believe we all have the ability to set an important example and work with our communities about what we can do to be part of the solution. Ultimately, we have to take care of the land and of each other.