Mijenta Tequila Announces the Second Release of 18-Month Aged Ultra-Premium Añejo Gran Reserva

Mijenta Tequila Announces the Second Release of 18-Month Aged Ultra-Premium Añejo Gran Reserva

Mijenta Tequila Announces the Second Release of 18-Month Aged Ultra-Premium Añejo Gran Reserva

The Award-Winning Tequila’s Most Premium Expression Is Now Available In The United States

Dallas, TX (September 26, 2023) – Mijenta, the award-winning, additive-free, sustainable tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, has announced the release of the second batch of its most exclusive and refined expression, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva. Aged for approximately 18 months in four types of hand-selected casks, the ultra-premium spirit will be available beginning September 25. 

After an enthusiastic reception at its initial launch in May of 2022 that sold out in less than a week, Mijenta is releasing its second batch of Añejo Gran Reserva. The ultra-premium expression undergoes an intricate 18-month aging process during which it matures separately in four types of bespoke casks before it is blended to create the final profile. American white oak and French oak barrels help develop its flavor profile and texture. Acacia barrels enhance the body while adding a light herbal and citrus note, and cherry casks enhance the fruity notes. This aging process creates a complex and refined profile distinct from other añejo tequilas.

With the process and profile for this exquisite tequila created by Ana Maria Romero Mena, Mijenta’s Añejo Gran Reserva delicately incorporates the unique profile of each type of wood to complement the rich flavor of agave. One of the most trusted, respected and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico, Romero’s artistry and precision celebrates the traditions of Mexican craftsmanship, the best of the land and its people, while allowing the distinctive terroir of the Jalisco highlands to shine through. 

On the nose, Mijenta’s Añejo has notes of cacao, butterscotch and tobacco, while the palate is presented with a beautiful cornucopia of dried stone fruits and elegant spices, including mace, anise and saffron. Flavors of soft caramelized cooked agave expand joyfully on the tongue, along with elegant vanilla and subtle coffee notes that come from the individually selected variety of barrels. 

On the highly anticipated second release, Mijenta Co-Founder Juan Coronado explained, “Creating our Añejo Gran Reserva is a labor of love and that process cannot be rushed. We have been eagerly anticipating the moment when we are able to share the next batch and are excited the time is finally here where consumers will be able to again savor the craft, artistry and authenticity of this incredible expression.”

“We’re thrilled that the first batch of our Añejo was a favorite among such an ardent community of tequila-lovers. We believe our Añejo is unlike anything else on the market and reflects the incredible care and intention that we put into every aspect of the brand,” said Co-Founder Mike Dolan. “With an unwavering commitment to producing exceptional, additive-free tequila and a core ethos that includes environmental responsibility and giving back to local communities, we are honored by the passionate reception Mijenta has received since we launched in 2020.” 

Priced at $199.99 (750ml) the tequila will be available to order in the U.S. from September 26, 2023 at shopmijenta.com and siptequila.com


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