Celebrating the traditions of Mexican culture, Mijenta Tequila is inspired by centuries old myths and legends from the region.

  • One story says that when the sun secretly meets with the moon, the most beautiful maguey plants are born. When they grow, the fields blend with the sky and they become a mesmerizing gift to humankind. For centuries, loving hands of ancestral farmers carefully harvested the precious agave and turned it into a masterpiece.
  • The Centzon Totochtin is a folk story that tells the legend of Mayahuel, the goddess of agave plant, and Patecatl, the god of pulque, whose union produced 400 mischievous rabbits with a taste for good company, good spirits and good times.
  • Mijenta's logo is based on this fable.

We are proud that our tequila helps to preserve the ancient traditions and tales of the region.